Poetry, video art, music and Argentine Tango Dance lesson in the library

Solina Riekkola

Poetry performance at 16.15hs

Video Art

at 16.30hs, duration of the sceering 16 min

Martin Calvino: Dance What You Read/USA, 2017
Leena Lehti: Hairytale/Finland, 2015
Sinasi Gunes: Anatolia/Turkey, 2006
Hamza Kırbas: Powerism/Turkey, 2018
Veronika Burger: Vérorose‘ Austria/México 2012

Laura Moisio

Singer-songwriter Laura Moisio performs at 17.00hs

Free Argentine tango dance lesson for beginners

Welcome to learn Argentine tango at 18.00hs. You can participate also without a partner.