Festival Closing Party:
Tango Extravaganza,
Orkesteri Tuonenlehto


Vastavirtaorkesteri was formed in 2013 in Tampere. Between 2014 and 2016, the orchestra organized a song-making project in cooperation with Legioonateatteri and the World of Tango Festival. The project included song-making workshops in local libraries and an open lyrics search. At the festival closing party, we will hear the best pieces from the orchestra’s production throughout the years.

Tango Extravaganza

Passion that will melt the snow is in the air, when Argentine and Finnish tango will meet. The concert of Tango Extravaganza features Argentine and Finnish tangos by composers Piazzolla, Mores, Gardel, Mononen and Pedro De Punta (Toivo Kärki).

Orkesteri Tuonenlehto

Orkesteri Tuonenlehto is a band specializing in traditional Finnish dance music led by multi-instrumentalist Kusti Vuorinen. Tuonenlehto has performed at the World Tango Festival’s stage for several years, accompanying, among others, Markus Allan, Eino Grön, and Arja Havakka. This time their repertoire includes tango, waltz, swing, and cha cha cha rhythms.