Mercedes Krapovickas (AR/FI),
Tango del norte, Jori Otsa & Mah’Orkka

Mercedes Krapovickas (AR)
Bandoneon! Buen Ayre

Bandoneon! Buen Ayre is the result of the combination of Argentinian Tango and many of its possible influences and derivations. Mercedes wants to maintain traditions but at the same time, she is open to new possibilities and ready to try out new experiences. Traditional tangos merge with interventions from other musical genres, resulting in a broader approach, including academic music inspired in tango, music from Buenos Aires, contemporary tango and Bandoneón music.

Tango del norte

The Finnish group Tango del Norte has been dedicated to Argentine tango for ten years. As a duo and a trio, the band has played more than 300 concerts in Finland and other parts of Europe. In Telakka’s concert, bandoneonist Sami Pirttilahti and pianist Ville Westergård perform works by Astor Piazzolla, more traditional Argentine tango, and other Argentine folk music. The concert also includes Finnish tango with the duo’s own arrangements.

Jori Otsa & Mahorkka

Jori Otsa & Mah’Orkka was born out of love for the songs performed by the Estonian singer legend Georg Ots. The quartet interprets the legendary singer’s most wonderful and beautiful evergreens and other unforgettable Slavic tunes with a great heart.

Jori Otsa – vocals
Rolf Storsjö – accordeon
Kari Hartikka – prima balalaika
Turkka Wahlbäck – contrabass balalaika