Pre-program: Kuja-Inka, Pöx, Hirvikoira Hirvonen


Kuja-Inka is the new band of the internationally renowned singer-musician-producer Inka Niemi. Kuja-Inka plays music ranging from wistful chants to psychedelic stream-of-consciousness rap and grandiose distorted strings. Inspiration has been drawn from e.g. Sigur Rós, Yann Tiersen, Susanne Sundfør, Aurora and Cirque du Soleil. The stage show of the three-piece band is made up of piano, violin, trumpet, synthesizers, vocal chords, spoken word and dance.


Pöx is Janne Rahkila‘s solo project performing electronic experimental music. It’s an effort to try to understand oneself, to let go and to believe in random choice, to look outside the box and to tell what you see.

Hirvikoira Hirvonen

Hirvikoira Hirvonen (Elkhound Hirvonen) is a solo artist from Tampere, Finland that barks at every falling leaf that carries the summer green or the autumn brown of Finnish folk poetry.