This year’s contemporary art curator is Veera Salmio

An artist from Tampere, Veera Salmio (b. 1982) has wielded a wide range of art forms in her work, including sculpture, installation, photography and video art. She graduated from the art school of Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2015. In recent years, grass root activism and artivism, protecting old buildings and creating community art acts and happenings have been at the core of her doings. She likes to approach one single theme with different techniques and from different viewpoints at a time. This year, she has focused on equality and modern feminism in her works.

The 2019 theme of the contemporary art exhibition of the World of Tango Festival is feminism and femininity in concepts, thinking and action. Modern feminism does not only cover the gender issue but also a wider movement toward equality which questions all unequalizing hierarchies and classifications by ethnicity, sexuality or age. Thus, the focus is not only on the power relations between men and women but on the power relations overall. It asks whether we can ever achieve equality without first recognizing all unequalizing forms of oppression.

The exhibition takes place in libraries and other public spaces in Tampere during September-October. The programme is published on our website on August 1st.