Dance Courses

Dance courses for beginners

Learn the basics of this fun and passionate dance with experienced teachers, Maria and Pasi Laurén (FI).

Sat 14.9. at 11-14hs
Sun 15.9. at 12-14hs
Total of 5 hours of teaching

70/55 € (students, unemployed, pensioners)

Culture House Telakka, 2nd floor, address Tullikamarin aukio 3, Tampere

Register with a partner via e-mail


Advanced level workshops

We are happy to welcome at the festival an Argentine tango maestro couple Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio for the first time in Finland. Cristina and Daniel won the Tango Salón World Championship in 2008 and are admired all over the world for their virtuosity, for the way they combine traditional tango salón with the energy of stage tango and for their outstanding pedagogy. You will love them, too!


FRIDAY September 13
18.30−20.00hs Personal technique: Preparing the body for dancing tango. Foot exercises, posture and a review of ochos and giros. -No partner needed-

SATURDAY September 14
12.00−13.30hs Caminata (‘tango walk’): Different kinds of walks, how and where to use them, their relationship with the embrace.
14.00−15.30hs Elegance: Masculinity and femininity in the dance. Efficiency with minimum effort.
16.00−17.30hs Sequences: Milongueros’ famous sequences with details. Historical references.

SUNDAY September 15
12.15−13.45hs Di Sarli: Elegance, details and sequences with embellishments for interpreting the music of Di Sarli. General concepts of the orchestra at the service of the dance.
14.00−15.30hs D’Arienzo: Power, speed and pausing with D’Arienzo’s orchestra.
16.00−17.30hs Pugliese: Slow and fast movements applying features of Pugliese’s orchestra.

Tullintori shopping center, address Tullikatu 6, Tampere

25 €/workshop/person

The workshops need to be paid in advance, according to the information given in the confirmation mail. For participants living in Finland, the membership of either Tango aMoroso or Amigos del Tango is required.

Registration starts on July 24th and is open as long as there are free spots available, max 15 couples/workshop. Having a partner is necessary for participation, except for the technique lesson on Friday. Registering without a partner is possible, but participation will only be confirmed if a partner is found. No partner rotation during the classes.

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Tango aMoroso in cooperation with Amigos del Tango and World of Tango Festival

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