World class dancers to teach tango during the festival

Juan Martín Carrara and Stefanía Colina are Tango Salón dancers and choreographers.

First milonga artists out

Sexteto Milonguero and Solo Tango Orquesta perform during the festival’s Main Programme.

World of Tango Festival attends the centennial celebration of Finland’s independence

The 11th World of Tango Festival program pays homage to the 100th jubilee year of Finland’s independence.

World of Tango participates in the Tampere Underground. NYT! collective

Tampere Underground. NYT! is a spontaneous grouping of independent cultural actors.

11th festival in September 2017

The 11th World of Tango Festival is held in September 2017, in Tampere Finland. The Main Programme during September […]

Main Programme starts September 16

World of Tango Festival celebrates the Tenth Anniversary this year. Theme of the festival is “Memories”. The Main Programme […]

Tuula Amberla will be singing in the concert at Pakkahuone on September 16

Artist announced earlier, Harri Marstio, is currently hospitalized and instead of him at the Pakkahuone concert on Friday, September […]

Change in the Pre-Programme schedule: Trio Kobra performs on September 14

Contrary to previous information Trio Kobra performs in the Pre-Programme on Wednesday September 14 at 7.00 pm at Gastropub […]

Welcome to the Art Exhibition Opening on September 6 and 7

Welcome to the Art Exhibition Opening on September 6 and 7. The opening events take place in various places […]

Pre-programme concerts begin on August 31

The Pre-Programme during August 31 till September 15 offers a variety of music styles, from singer-songwriters to chanson and […]